Island Hopping: Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, & Koh Pha Ngan

Here are a few things I did or wish I had known before island hopping in Southern Thailand:

  • Taxi's from Phuket International Airport to Rassada Pier is about a 40-minute drive so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to make the ferry
  • Definitely bring sunblock, bug spray, and aloe vera gel (huge markups once you arrive on the island)
  • Eat street food, get a Thai massage (~8USD), and always barter with vendors
  • Take a cooking class! You learn about Thai herbs/spices, practice making the dishes, and eat your little heart out
  • Sign up for a booze cruise in Koh Phi Phi--I went on Shipwrecked and it was a blast
    • There are 2 options:
      • 700 baht  for admission to get on the boat w/o drinks (there is a cash bar)
      • 2000 baht for an all you can drink ticket (beer/well drinks)
  • There are entry fees to explore Maya Bay & Bamboo Island as they are considered National Parks by Thailand (400 baht/ea)
  • The plankton/snorkeling tours are decent because you get to see monkeys, Maya Bay (optional), watch the sunset, and do a night swim with plankton all for 500 baht 
  • The fishing excursion on the long boats is a total rip off because you spend the majority of your time driving and not really fishing
  • Go to a half moon or full moon festival!
  • Unfortunately, I got food poisoning the night of the festival and didn't make it there, but my 2 friends who did go, said it was a blast
  • Tip for the moon festivals in Ko Pha Ngan: spend the night of the festival in Ko Pha Ngan and the night after so you can sleep in if you're hungover
  • Ferries usually run between 8-9 am and again in the afternoon around 3 pm. Take your time to explore the next day or just relax by the beach as I felt terrible the next morning but since we had an 8 am ferry to catch, I had to haul my ass out of bed to finish packing and get to the pier on time
  • Lastly, don't spend too much time on any one island as each has something unique to it and variety is the spice of life